Happy Employee Appreciation Month!

As employee owners, our employees have a special appreciation for the month of October as it is a time to celebrate and recognize being an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company. An ESOP is a tax-qualified retirement plan authorized and supported by federal tax and pension laws. The company creates a trust that purchases shares of the company’s stock and holds these shares in retirement accounts for the employees. Unlike 401(k)s, ESOP requires no out of pocket contribution from employees for the retirement accounts to increase.

An ESOP is more than just a retirement plan. It provides many other benefits internally – Because we, the employees,  take ownership in the company, our employees strive to go above and beyond to contribute to the success of our companies. With this mindset, ESOPs motivate employees, increase productivity, enhance retention, while at excelling in providing employee training which contributes to business health and longevity.

At our EOHI families, we strive to live by our Five Company Values – Acts with Integrity, Laser Customer Focus, Work Smart, Always Seeking Improvement, and Produce Results. Our employees nominated their fellow colleagues demonstrating dedication to these values. We’d like to recognize and congratulate all the award recipients for 2020 noted below for their hard work!


Nathan Elliott – Produces Results

Eric Alonso – Always Seeks Improvement

Jim George – Works Smart

Don Overton – Laser Customer Focus

Nolan Jones – Acts with Integrity

Adam Rowe – Laser Customer Focus

Hydraquip, Inc.:

Brandon Burrier – Produces Results

Adrian Vasquez – Acts with Integrity

Cody Lavergne – Laser Customer Focus

Kyle Raska – Laser Customer Focus

Russell Bailey – Works Smart

Employee Owned Holdings, Inc.:

Diane Munoz – Produces Results

Jamie Culpepper – Works Smart

Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc.:

Alik List – Works Smart

Courtney Ginsel – Produces Results

Grant Baudoin – Laser Customer Focus

Sandra Blanchard – Acts with Integrity

Tiffany Dorman – Outstanding Team Player

Patrick Cotton – Works Smart

Chris Plake – Always Seeks Improvement

Elite Controls, Inc.:

Baldemar Nava – Laser Customer Focus

Carlos Prieto – Produces Results

David Cadena – Produces Results