Derek Sherwood Success Story

Supreme Integrated Technology focuses on complete system integration with turn-key products that include control & feedback loops, fluid power generation & distribution equipment, and structural devices or components & their actuators. Their highly skilled engineers dedicate their time and passion to complete all projects with excellence. Mechanical Engineer, Derek Sherwood, has been with SIT for six years now, where he began his engineering journey as an intern.

While Sherwood was a student at Louisiana State University, he was actively seeking a position where his skills and knowledge could continue to grow. He reached out to SIT for a summer internship and was offered a position on the mechanical engineering team. During his internship, he gained hands-on experience by getting to go out in the field and work on liftboats, as well as coast guard ships. He worked on the calculations and technical work for each of these projects. Sherwood did not have much knowledge of hydraulics prior to his internship but was able to really excel in this area of expertise by visiting project sites verses just sitting at a desk all day.

Upon graduation, Sherwood was offered a full-time mechanical engineering position with SIT where he continued to work on liftboats and coast guard projects. As the company grew, more military orders increased. This led Sherwood to transition into a wider range of projects where he currently works on the design, fabrication and delivery of multiple industry projects.

“Working at SIT has been one of the best things because I’m able to learn something new every day. We get projects that have never been done before and get to see it through the whole way – from the design to the assembly to the delivery. Not one day is ever the same.” – Derek Sherwood