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Internship – SIT

The Campus Ambassador Program provides for interns to be hired by EOHI and its subsidiaries and work at the different office locations during the summer. Through hands-on experience and meaningful projects, interns see what it’s like to work for our employee-owned company and visit headquarters in Houston to present their final projects to top leadership. 

SIT's Program allows interns to follow a sales or engineering track depending on their desired career paths.

Mechanical Engineering

Assist Engineering Department with 2D / 3D drawings, calculations, sizing, and adherence to specifications. Participate in on-going product advancements with senior engineers.

Project examples include:

  • Ace Control Shock Absorber
  • Split Drum Winch Calculations
  • Bearing selection, designing the pinion, developing the end cap and output housing of a Super Feeder

Electrical Engineering

Assist Engineering Department with specific applications. Participate in on-going product advancements with senior engineers.

Project examples include:

  • Traveled to project site to complete field wiring
  • Fabricators for military davit
  • SOFEC motor
  • Block diagram, enclosures, electrical schematic and ordered components for Electric Smokestack Retraction System


Shadow outside sales representatives on in-person visits. Learn about company processes for quoting, managing projects, and delivery. Communicate directly with customers on questions

Success Story - Wes Bacarisse

Wes Bacarisse

Production Engineering Manager​

"I have been with SIT for 8 years now and I love that there is something different every day. There are different projects and different problems to handle which constantly keeps me on my toes to get problems solved and projects completed.
Entry Level Mechanical Engineer
Started on smaller projects such as test stands which led to more complex projects.
Department Lead Engineer
Led his team, continuing to work on multiple projects where he completed designs for 15 different jacking systems over the course of four years.
Production Engineering Manager
Point of contact for salesman and customers for system specs and quoting as well as overseeing all engineering production.