Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. Announces New Website Design

Houston, TX – January 31, 2018 – Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. (EOHI) officially launched their newly redesigned website at the start of 2018. The website was redesigned with the user in mind, simplifying navigation with quick and easy access to essential information and providing a fresh, clean look, ultimately for an improved user-friendly experience.

EOHI’s newly revamped site offers further insight into its leadership team and providing a better understanding of EOHI’s function as the employee-owned holding company of four business subsidiaries; Elite Controls Inc. (ECI), Gulf Controls Company, Inc. (GCC), Hydraquip, Inc. and Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. (SIT). Additionally, all four subsidiaries have launched newly redesigned websites as well.

The redesign also allows EOHI to provide the latest updates of company happenings regularly through its ‘News’ section, allowing employees and visitors to stay informed.

Said President and CEO of EOHI, Richard Neels, “With today’s websites continuously evolving, the decision to redesign EOHI’s website was practically self-evident, and we are extremely proud of the end result. Our new site provides a clear message of our company values and family-oriented culture. We are proud of our employees and want to share our passion with visitors through this new website design.”

EOHI is a 100% employee owned company based in Houston, Texas and serves as the parent of Hydraquip, Inc., Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc., Gulf Controls Company, Inc. and Elite Controls, Inc., companies all specializing in the fluid power equipment industry.

Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. Promotes James Wunderlich to Controller

Houston, TX – December 15, 2017 – Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. (EOHI) announced the promotion of James Wunderlich to Controller of the company. As Controller of EOHI, James will continue to oversee all financial and accounting activities while participating in the development and support of EOHI’s strategic plans. James will also monitor financial performance of the company and communicate financial metrics to senior management.

The Chief Financial Officer of EOHI, Matt Weiser, stated, “James is precisely the right person to appoint as Controller of EOHI. His well-deserved promotion is owed to his successes and dedication to this employee owned company.”

James joined EOHI in 2006, in the position of Assistant Controller. James has played a key role in assisting with financial decisions and providing leadership and support within the accounting department. During his time as Assistant Controller, James reduced the reporting time for senior management of the company’s financial results through streamlining the monthly close out process and the implementation of specialized reporting software.

Prior to coming to EOHI, James attended Texas Tech University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Shortly thereafter, he spent 16 years in the forest and wood products industry, working in distribution and manufacturing accounting before joining EOHI.

“It has been exciting to see and be a part of the growth that EOHI has experienced since I joined the company,” stated James. “Going forward, I will strive to provide top-notch service and support to all the EOHI entities and fellow employee owners to keep this company growing for years and years to come.”

EOHI is a 100% employee owned company based in Houston, Texas and serves as the parent of Hydraquip, Inc., Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc., Gulf Controls Company, Inc. and Elite Controls, Inc., companies all specializing in the fluid power equipment industry.

Elite Controls, Inc. Made Distributor of WorldWide Electric Corp. Products

Houston, Texas – Elite Controls, Inc. (ECI) announced today, November 13, 2017, its promotion as distributor of WorldWide Electric Corporation (WWE) products. WWE products include electric motors, motor controls and gear reducers.

ECI was formed in 2015 to address the merger between Logical Control Concepts and the Mechatronics group of Hydraquip Custom Systems. ECI is a proud part of the Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. family of companies, being a 100% employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) company, which means it is 100% employee owned.

WWE, headquartered in Rochester, New York, was founded in 1998 by Mr. Rick Simmonds and Mr. Fred Rosen. It is the largest independent manufacturer/importer of industrial electric motors in the United States.

“After meeting with WWE, it immediately became apparent that this was an opportunity we could not pass up. WWE’s team is driven, focused and shares similar goals in supplying top-of-the-line automation equipment to their customers,” stated Scott Jones, president of ECI and original founder of Logical Control Concepts.

ECI and WWE both supply equipment to various industries including oil and gas, agriculture, water/irrigation, industrial, construction and fluid power. This provides the companies with a mutually beneficial partnership: the combination of ECI’s expertise in electronics and hydraulics to create complete control systems along with WWE’s capacity to provide a full line of superior motors, motor controls, and gearing sourced from the United States, China, Korea and Taiwan.

Elite Controls, Inc. (ECI) is a subsidiary of Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. (EOHI) and is a 100% employee owned company. ECI provides robust, user-friendly control systems designed to enhance the performance of equipment, improve efficiency of operations and reduce total cost of ownership. For other information about EOHI and our family of employee owned companies, please visit eoh-inc.com

Hydraquip, Inc., Division of Assembly and Distribution of Fluid Power Products Successfully Transitions to ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Hydraquip, Inc., Division of Assembly and Distribution of Fluid Power Products Successfully Transitions to ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Houston, Texas – On September 15, 2017, a Hydraquip Inc.’s division, Central Green Power Solutions, joined an elite group of companies worldwide in successfully becoming certified by DNV-GL to the relatively new ISO 9001:2015 standard. Hydraquip Power Solutions initially received ISO 9001:2008 certification on September 16, 2011, prior to advancing to this new standard.

The new ISO 9001:2015 standard represents the latest in best practices for quality and operational excellence. The management system acts as a proactive tool, encouraging continuous improvement while promoting risk-based thinking throughout.

Being among the few companies who have transitioned to this new internationally recognized standard ensures that Hydraquip Power Solutions will have the procedures in place to maintain
cutting-edge process integration, feeding a continual improvement culture and improve its customer satisfaction.

President of Hydraquip, Inc., Tim Nichols, stated, “The ISO 9001:2015 certification reassures our customers that we are an incredible organization committed to high standards of excellence
while exceeding customer expectations. I am extremely proud of Hydraquip Power Solutions’ successful transition to this improved standard.”

Hydraquip, Inc. is a subsidiary of Employee Owned Holdings, Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas, specializing in providing innovative power solutions across multiple markets, and is a
100% employee-owned company. For other information about EOHI and our family of
employee-owned companies, please visit eoh-inc.com

EOHI Kicks off Hurricane Relief Efforts by Contributing $5,000 Towards Those in Need

September 12, 2017 – Houston, TX – Two major hurricanes in the span of three weeks have left countless families in Texas and Florida homeless, carless and in some cases, destroyed everything they own. Unfortunately, some Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. (EOHI) employees were so impacted.

While Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have made unprecedented effects on the Southern United States, leaving many struggling to get back on their feet, EOHI is now promoting a campaign to assist those severely affected by these storms. To assist these families on their road to recovery, EOHI has established a YouCaring campaign to raise funds to support those whose lives have been thrown into turmoil by these catastrophic storms.

EOHI has already contributed $5,000 towards meeting their $25,000 goal to aid those in need.

“This company is all about the people who work here – our employees,” stated Richard Neels, President of EOHI. “We hope we can now come together as a company family and help each other out in this time of great distress.”

All donations to this YouCaring campaign will exclusively support relief and recovery efforts for EOHI employees severely affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

For more information, visit: www.youcaring.com/EOHIhurricanereliefefforts

EOHI is a 100% employee-owned company based in Houston, Texas and serves as the parent of Hydraquip, Inc., Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc., Gulf Controls Company, Inc. and Elite Controls, Inc., companies all specializing in the fluid power equipment industry

Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. Welcomes New Marketing Specialist

July 19, 2017 – Houston, TX – Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. (EOHI), is pleased to announce Maegan Rodriguez as its new Marketing Specialist. Maegan will primarily be
responsible for developing and executing various marketing programs for EOHI and its affiliates including: public relations, marketing communications and channel marketing.

Previously, Maegan was based in The Netherlands, where she organized multinational business conferences and events there and in Switzerland and Austria. Maegan assisted
with communicating to hundreds of executives and keynote speakers, conducting market research and generating reports while successfully handling these events.

Despite her international accomplishments, Maegan is a native of Texas, having initially studied at The University of Texas at San Antonio, where she received her Bachelor of
Business Administration in Marketing, before completing a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, at The University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

“Maegan appears poised and accomplished to address the marketing needs of our extraordinary company,” stated Richard Neels, President and CEO of Employee Owned
Holdings, Inc. “We are enthusiastic to welcome her to our employee-owned company and have her assist us in benefiting our customers, our employees, and our community.”

“I was attracted to the company’s family culture and their initiative to please customers on every level,” stated Maegan. “I am thrilled to be a part of the EOHI family and I look
forward to contributing to the growth and success of EOHI and its remarkable affiliates.”

EOHI is a 100% employee owned company based in Houston, Texas and serves as the parent of Hydraquip, Inc., Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc., Gulf Controls Company,
Inc. and Elite Controls, Inc., companies all specializing in the fluid power equipment industry.

Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. Announces New Executive Director of Military Systems

Harahan, LA – April 13, 2017 – Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. (SIT) is pleased to announce that Katrice Willis was officially named as the company’s Executive Director of Military Systems. Moving forward, Katrice will be materially responsible for providing experienced counsel and assistance concerning the direction of the company as it involves governmental procedures, defense related information systems, and fulfillment of contracts related to military applications. Katrice will be responsible for spurring new business development within all military and homeland security related sectors.

“She is precisely the right person for these responsibilities,” states Kevin Hayes, President of SIT. “We value her input as a responsible member of our team and an appreciated stakeholder of our employee owned company.”

“Katrice works hard to make sure we appreciate all the technicalities involved with our military applications – she is focused on keeping our company successful,” states Chip Griepenstroh, Executive Vice President of Operations for SIT.

Katrice attended Louisiana State University (LSU) where she achieved her Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Decision Sciences before attaining her MBA from the University of New
Orleans (UNO). In 2012, Katrice received the “Technology Rising Star Award” from the Women of Color STEM Conference.

“I look forward to achieving our company’s initiatives through a strong, positive interface with our military clients,” said Katrice.

Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. is a subsidiary of Employee Owned Holdings, Inc., headquartered in Harahan, Louisiana, and is a 100% employee owned company. For other information about SIT and our family of employee owned companies, please visit www.supremeintegratedtechnology.com.

Gulf Controls promotes Rod Longnecker & Cary Wisner as they assume new responsibilities contributing to the growth of the business.

Tampa, FL – January 3,, 2017: Gulf Controls Company, Inc. announces the promotion of Rod Longnecker to Executive Vice President Sales & Engineering, and Cary Wisner to Vice President Strategic Accounts & Pneumatics. Both will continue to report to John Flieman, President of GCC. Over the past year both Rod and Cary have taken on new responsibilities to drive revenue in customer facing activities and have made significant contributions to establishing Gulf Controls Company, Inc. as a leader in fluid power equipment for Florida and Southern Georgia.

Having served the company for the past 13 years in various engineering, operations and sales management positions, this past year Rod assumed management of all regional and district sales managers. Rod is passionate about delivering engineered solutions to customers and has worked closely with the company’s District Sales Managers to establish clear metrics and goals. Rod promotes enhanced communication between the entire team to share knowledge & solutions from the field. With responsibility for managing engineering and the shop operations, Rod works closely with Gulf Control’s largest OEMs to provide system design, fabrication and managed inventory as a world class partner.

Cary Wisner has served in various sales positions at Gulf Controls for over 30 years and now works with some of GCC’s largest accounts. From 2014-2016, he has seen dramatic changes in these accounts, but Cary’s tireless efforts to think outside the box for new solutions have helped to maintain a strong relationship. Also Cary has provided pneumatic solutions for a brand new market for GCC, the beverage dispensing industry. He took this business from ground zero to assisting a world renowned company through finding new ways GCC could provide subassemblies to streamline the customer’s manufacturing and testing processes.

“We are so proud to have both Rod and Cary as first class members of our team at Gulf Controls,” says John Flieman, President of GCC. “The perseverance, technical ability and positive attitude they bring both to the company and to our customers is second to none.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with both Rod and Cary since GCC joined the EOHI family,” says Richard Neels, CEO & President of Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. “I am so impressed by their technical knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond. Cary has stepped up to take on additional duties as pneumatics product manager, and Rod not only serves as key leadership for GCC, he also provides a fabulous job as our current employee elected director for the EOHI board of directors.”

Gulf Controls has the knowledge in hydraulics, pneumatics, fluid conveyance and automation to provide world class products and complete fluid power systems for its customers. GCC is part of EOHI, a 100% employee owned company based in Houston, Texas which is also the parent of Hydraquip, Inc., Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc., and Elite Controls, Inc.


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