Our Company

In 2007, Hydraquip was split into 3 divisions (Hydraquip, Hydraquip Custom Systems & EOHI) and Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. (EOHI) was formed as the parent company to provide management, accounting, marketing, human resources, IT and legal services to the rest of the companies. With growth from geographic expansion and acquisition, we started Supreme Integrated Technology (SIT) in 2008 designing and manufacturing highly engineered turn-key systems for civil, marine and military applications. In 2013, EOHI acquired Gulf Controls, headquartered in Tampa, which provides fluid power products & custom solutions in Florida. The original company, Hydraquip, has expanded to now serve Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico. To stay on the cutting edge of control technology, EOHI acquired Logical Controls in 2015 and relocated the company to Houston to form Elite Controls – the fifth company in the EOHI family.  In September 2016, due to increased military orders for SIT and a need for additional capacity to build projects, CSI merged into SIT to form one larger SIT.  At the current time, EOHI is composed of four companies: Hydraquip, Supreme Integrated Technology, Gulf Controls & Elite Controls.

As technology continues to develop for fluid power, EOHI companies focus on new products and services to continually provide additional value to clients. We recognize our fluid power expertise sets us apart ensure that continued technical training and development is top of mind for all employees. We look forward to continued growth while staying rooted in our foundation of a family culture and employee ownership.




Company History

1951 - Hydraquip Founded
1985 - ESOP Implemented
1995 - Expanded into Louisiana
2002 - Hydraquip acquires AHC in Oklahoma (Tulsa & OKC)
2007 - Restructured to form 3 divisions: Hydraquip, Hydraquip Custom Systems & MMRI
2008 - Formed Supreme Integrated Technology based in New Orleans, LA
2009 - Hydraquip grows into new territories of Arizona and New Mexico
2013 - EOHI acquires Huber, Inc. with locations in Lafayette & New Orleans
2013 - EOHI acquires Gulf Controls Company headquartered in Tampa, FL
2014 - Hydraquip acquires Emrick & Hill in Denver, CO
2015 - EOHI acquires Logical Controls to form Elite Controls
2016 - Hydraquip Custom Systems, Inc. mergers into Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc.




  • We are a 100% employee owned or ESOP company.

    An ESOP is a special type of retirement program where the employees receive stock in the company over time. Stock is issued through company contributions. As an ESOP company, our employees own the company. Each person has a stake in the outcome of "our" company. The word "our" is key because we all have a vested interest to make sure our customers and the company are successful.
  • Per the ESOP Association:
  • • ESOP companies pay wages that are 5-12% higher than that of non-ESOP companies in the same industry.

  • • Retirement account balances are 2.5 times higher.

  • • ESOP companies grow 2.5 times faster than those companies without employee ownership.

  • • Employee owned companies are superior in performance, employee benefits and employee motivation.